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Elon Musk to launch own AI system on X, but not for everyone

Elon Musk to launch own AI system on X, but not for everyone Photo: Elon Musk (Getty Images)

American billionaire Elon Musk has announced the launch of chatbot Grok based on artificial intelligence. It will be available to users of the social network X, but only in the premium version.

It is known that subscribers to the recently launched X Premium+, which costs $16 per month, will have access to Grok. In addition, they will not see ads.

"As soon as it’s out of early beta, xAI’s Grok system will be available to all X Premium+ subscribers," the announcement said.

According to Musk, the main advantage of Grok is real-time access to X data. He added that the chatbot also likes sarcasm and will have a bit of humor in its responses.

The chatbot Grok will be similar to other artificial intelligence-based models, such as ChatGPT from OpenAI or Bard from Google.

X innovations

Recently, the social network X has introduced many innovations. For example, developers have decided to remove the possibility of blocking users. When exactly this will happen is currently unknown.

At the same time, X will allow users to hide their likes, but this feature will only be available to Premium users.

In addition, the social network has introduced the feature of audio and video calls. However, this service is currently only available to some users.

It is worth adding that Elon Musk recently referred to artificial intelligence as a real threat to the modern world.