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Elon Musk's friend on how space technology can help Ukraine defeat Russia

Elon Musk's friend on how space technology can help Ukraine defeat Russia Robert Zubrin (photo:
Author: Maria Kholina

Achieving victory in modern warfare will be determined by a nation's supremacy in space. According to American aerospace engineer, writer, and founder of The Mars Society, Robert Zubrin, space technologies play a pivotal role in conducting many military operations on the ground.

How space technologies could aid Ukraine in securing victory

"Space technologies are already assisting Ukraine in warfare. Russia has the advantage of numbers, but Ukraine retaliates by extensively utilizing powerful tools of space communication, reconnaissance, and GPS-guided munitions. In this sense, it's the first space war. Although space assets have been utilized in warfare since Vietnam, this is the first war where they play a decisive role," Zubrin said.

He also added that the space technologies used by Ukraine are provided by the United States. However, a significant issue lies in the uncertainty of future support.

"The fact that Ukraine can stand up against Russia, which is three times its size, by leveraging its advantage in space, demonstrates that in any future war between equal nations, the side with space superiority will prevail," the engineer emphasized.

Will Ukraine become a space-faring nation after victory?

"I believe that after victory, Ukraine will become a major power. Great nations achieve great feats. Victory will be the first great feat, followed by others, both on Earth and in space," Zubrin said.

He added that Ukrainians can already participate in missions with NASA and the European Space Agency. Furthermore, Ukrainian entrepreneurs can establish space companies to compete in the global space business arena.

The aerospace engineer also highlighted the case of Serhii Yakymov, a Ukrainian who leads the American scientific research station, Mars Desert, in Utah, where people from around the world come to practice Martian missions.

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