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Eight Russian missiles hit Dnipro HPP - Prosecutor General's Office

Eight Russian missiles hit Dnipro HPP - Prosecutor General's Office Eight missiles hit Dnipro HPP (
Author: Maria Kholina

On March 22, eight Russian missiles struck the Dnipro Hydroelectric Power Plant, leaving it incapacitated, but fortunately without any imminent threat of breach, according to Yurii Bielousov, the head of the Department for Combating Crimes in Armed Conflict Conditions of the Prosecutor General's Office.

"Without a doubt, today witnessed the most concentrated attack on energy infrastructure objects in the past year. Along with today's assault, the Russians have repeatedly targeted 136 energy infrastructure objects in Ukraine, starting from the massive invasion," he said.

The representative of the Prosecutor General's Office emphasized that the station was disabled after an attack by Russian occupiers, with eight missiles hitting the HPP.

"Today, Zaporizhzhia was under a massive attack. The hydroelectric power plant was hit eight times, meaning eight missiles struck this crucial object for Ukraine, which performs not only an energy but also other functions," Bielousov said.

He added that there is currently no threat of breaching the Dnipro HPP dam.

Massive Russian attack

On the night of March 22, Russians launched a massive attack on Ukraine, releasing over 150 drones and missiles. Air defense forces shot down 55 Shahed drones and 37 missiles.

The energy sector was a prime target of the enemy. In particular, the Russians struck the Dnipro HPP. The situation is also dire in Kharkiv, with the city experiencing power outages, internet disruptions, water shortages, and non-operational electric transport.

Ukrenergo has already dubbed today's attack on the energy sector as the largest since the beginning of the war. Emergency shutdowns have been implemented in seven regions.