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Earthquake in China: Number of victims increases

Earthquake in China: Number of victims increases The number of earthquake victims in China has increased (GettyImages)
Author: Maria Kholina

The death toll from yesterday's earthquake in China has risen to 134, with nearly 1000 people reported injured, according to Xinhua and Reuters.

As of December 20, 134 people have died in the earthquake zone, with 968 sustaining injuries.

"The number of injured people from the 6.2-magnitude earthquake in northwest China's Gansu Province has risen to 782 in Gansu, with the death toll standing at 113 as of 9 a.m. on Wednesday, according to a press conference on Wednesday morning," the report states.

It is noted that the earthquake also claimed the lives of 18 people in the Qinghai province, as reported by local authorities on Wednesday morning.

"As of 5:30 a.m., there have been 198 reported injuries in Qinghai due to the disaster, with 16 others still missing," the report states.

Yesterday, December 19, a strong earthquake in the border region of Gansu-Qinghai in China. As of the morning of December 19, it was known that 111 people had fallen victim to the natural disaster.

Emergency events in China

It was previously reported that in August, an earthquake with a magnitude of 5.5 occurred in the eastern Chinese province of Shandong. As a result of the incident, 126 buildings were destroyed, and 21 people were injured.

Also, Typhoon Doksuri brought heavy rains to several regions of China for the past 140 years. As a result, at least 10 people died in Hebei province, and 18 are considered missing.