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Drones reshape warfare in Ukraine akin to WWI tanks - WP

Drones reshape warfare in Ukraine akin to WWI tanks - WP Photo: WP says drones in Ukraine are changing warfare like tanks in World War I (Getty Images)

Drones are altering the war in Ukraine, much like tanks did during World War I. Unmanned aircraft are effectively paralyzing the skies, reports The Washington Post.

The magazine notes that drones are disrupting the movement of assault groups. The increasing number of small drones on the front has transformed the so-called "gray zone" into a "death zone."

The commander of the strike UAV platoon of the Code 9.2 separate assault brigade named after Hetman Ivan Sirko, Oleksandr Nastenko, told WP that fighters who dare to move at night under the "watch" of enemy drones "die instantly."

According to the military, relatively inexpensive drones have changed modern warfare. Initially, they favored Ukraine, but then Russians began mass-producing their own drones.

"What we’re witnessing right now is blitzkrieg drone warfare," said BRINC Drones chief of staff Andrew Coté.

In his opinion, drones in Ukraine are changing warfare just as tanks did during World War I.

As Ukrainian military personnel recount, there are 100 drones within a 10 km radius on the battlefield. But it's difficult to distinguish whose they are.

Meanwhile, drones are helping Ukraine in conditions of ammunition shortages. Although Ukrainian soldiers express the view that artillery shells are crucial; otherwise, they could lose the war.

Frontline situation

Recall that Russian occupiers intensified attacks on the front in winter. In particular, Russians managed to capture Avdiivka and some neighboring villages. However, Defense Forces are holding positions near Avdiivka, preventing the enemy from advancing further.

Occupiers also seek to advance towards the town of Chasiv Yar in Donetsk Oblast.

Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Oleksandr Syrskyi, stated that the situation in eastern Ukraine has escalated. According to him, despite significant losses, the adversary is increasing efforts by deploying new units with armored vehicles, occasionally achieving tactical success.