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Situation in east worsens as Russians attack with equipment

Situation in east worsens as Russians attack with equipment Photo: Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Oleksandr Syrskyi (Getty Images)

The situation on the eastern front has intensified in recent days. Occupiers have intensified their assaults and are employing machinery for attacks, according to the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Oleksandr Syrskyi, on Telegram.

The Chief Commander noted that the Russian offensive actions intensified following the presidential elections in Russia.

"The enemy is actively attacking our positions in the Lyman and Bakhmut directions with assault groups supported by armored vehicles. In the Pokrovsk direction, they are attempting to break through our defense using dozens of tanks and armored vehicles," Syrskyi reported.

According to him, the dry weather facilitates the use of armored vehicles on the front. The weather has made most open areas accessible to tanks.

"Despite significant losses, the enemy is increasing efforts by deploying new units on armored vehicles, occasionally achieving tactical success," emphasized the Chief Commander.

Syrskyi headed to the combat zone to hear assessments of the enemy's actions. Decisions were made to reinforce the most problematic defense areas with EW and air defense systems. Additionally, stocks of drones of all types, anti-tank missiles were replenished, and additional reserves of forces and means were relocated.

Main tasks of Ukrainian Armed Forces

As Syrskyi noted, the issue of achieving technical superiority over the enemy in high-tech weapons remains relevant.

"The second serious problem is the improvement of the quality of training of servicemen, primarily infantry units, so that they can make maximum use of all the capabilities of combat vehicles and Western weaponry," the chief commander believes.

The solution to these problems has been entrusted to the command of the Ground Forces.

During his trip, Syrskyi also presented awards to soldiers.

Situation in east worsens as Russians attack with equipment

Frontline situation

Recall that Russian occupiers intensified assaults on the front during the winter. In particular, the Russians managed to capture Avdiivka and some neighboring villages. However, Defense Forces are holding positions near Avdiivka, preventing the enemy from advancing further.

Additionally, Ukrainian military also reported that the occupiers are attempting to seize Chasiv Yar in the Donetsk region. Heavy fighting is also ongoing in the area near Kupiansk, Kharkiv region.

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