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Drone attacks center of Belgorod: Administration building is under attack

Drone attacks center of Belgorod: Administration building is under attack Drone attacked the center of Belgorod (Photo: social media)

In Russia, a complaint was made about a drone attack in the center of Belgorod. Allegedly, the building of the local administration was hit, resulting in casualties, according to the Telegram of Belgorod Region Governor Viacheslav Gladkov.

According to Gladkov, a UAV crashed into the building of the city administration in Belgorod.

According to him, there were allegedly two casualties: one woman received shrapnel wounds, and the other suffered a concussion.

In addition, the explosion in the administration building shattered windows, and the facade was damaged. At the same time, Gladkov has already determined that the drone belongs to the so-called "enemy drones."

Videos of the aftermath of the attack have already appeared online.

Situation in Russia

March 12 is very restless in Russia. So, during the night of March 12, drone flights were recorded in a number of regions. An oil depot and an oil refinery were under attack. The Russian Ministry of Defense reported that they intercepted 25 drones and allegedly prevented the attack.

In the morning, volunteers from the Freedom of Russia Legion, Russian Volunteer Corps, and the Siberian Battalion became aware of the breach of the Russian border. In particular, in the Belgorod Region, they are advancing in several directions, breaking through on tanks. At the same time, the volunteers from the Freedom of Russia Legion made a corresponding statement, stating that "the legion is going to elections." The volunteers control the settlement of Tetkino in the Kursk region.

Moreover, today, there were two plane crashes in Russia - presumably, a Su-27 fighter jet crashed in the Belgorod Region, and an Il-76 crashed in Ivanovo, Russia.