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Doctor Who actor Richard Franklin passes away at 87

Doctor Who actor Richard Franklin passes away at 87 Photo: Doctor Who actor Richard Franklin passes away at 87 (GettyImages)

Renowned actor Richard Franklin passed away at 87 on Christmas Day after a long illness. Franklin was well-known for portraying Captain Mike Yates in Doctor Who and businessman Denis Rigg in ITV's Emmerdale, according to BBC.

Franklin's death was announced by Rudden on social media, conveying the family's message and their plans to share funeral details later.

He had a varied career, including appearances in Crossroads and involvement in fan conventions where he discussed his role in Doctor Who. Franklin also reprised his role as Captain Yates in later years, including in a 20th anniversary special of the show.

Franklin's family spokesperson remembered him for his storytelling and his joy in entertaining audiences of all ages.

Political involvement

Franklin was notable for his political involvement, including establishing the Silent Majority Party. He was the party's candidate in the 2005 UK general election for the Hove constituency.

His political journey also included a televised speech at the Liberal Democrat Conference in 1993, which was aired on Sky TV.

Additionally, Franklin had previously stood in elections representing the Liberal Democrats, the Referendum Party, and the UK Independence Party, showcasing his varied political endeavors.

Versatile actor

Richard Franklin's career began at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in 1963, followed by his first professional acting role with the Century Theatre.

His notable break in television came with Crossroads in 1969 and Doctor Who in 1971, playing Captain Mike Yates. Franklin's diverse career also included roles in Blake's 7, Heartbeat, the 2016 film Rogue One, and West End theater productions.

His co-star in Doctor Who, Katy Manning, paid tribute to him, expressing gratitude for their last meeting.

In recent months, we have seen several talented and famous people pass away, such as Norman Lear, Ralph Cirella, Friends star Matthew Perry, and Andre Braugher, iconic Captain Holt.