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Doctor unveils popular 'immunity boosters' that do not work

Doctor unveils popular 'immunity boosters' that do not work How you shouldn't strengthen your immunity (

Every mom would like to give her child a magical pill to prevent the flu and strengthen immunity. However, such magical pills do not exist, and most of the advertised remedies either lack a scientific basis or do not act as effectively as claimed to protect against all diseases, says family doctor and pediatrician, Diana Prokotovylo.

She also shares insights on what actually does not improve immunity and which methods can help make the body stronger.

What Actually Doesn't Work

The expert reminds that antiviral drugs have no proven effectiveness.

"They will not bring any benefit, will not protect against colds and viruses, but can have serious side effects," emphasizes the doctor.

It also makes no sense to consume vitamins and various supplements that are heavily advertised on the internet and TV.

"Multivitamins, echinacea, dietary supplements, probiotics, homeopathy, zinc – all of it is off the mark. There is no data that these remedies should be used for the prevention of viral diseases," the expert emphasizes.

Doctor unveils popular 'immunity boosters' that do not workDoctor unveils popular 'immunity boosters' that do not workDoctor unveils popular 'immunity boosters' that do not work

Supplements and remedies that do not improve your immunity (screenshot)

What actually boosts immunity

For a strong immune system and effective functioning of the immune system, both in children and adults, it is necessary to follow simple recommendations:

  • Healthy nutrition: This is the foundation for providing the body with essential vitamins and micronutrients. Food should be diverse and of high quality, following the principles of a healthy diet.

  • Adequate water intake: There are no strict recommendations on how much water one should drink. It is essential to drink water moderately according to your thirst. If you're not accustomed to drinking plain water, it's a habit worth developing.

  • Physical activity: Exercise and physical activity are crucial. It's not necessary to go to the gym; you can do home workouts or simply engage in more walking.

  • Proper sleep: Healthy sleep is necessary for normal functioning. Ensure you get enough quality sleep.

  • Vaccination: Follow the national vaccination schedule and recommended vaccines. Routine vaccination helps reduce the development of diseases and ensures milder cases in the event of infection.

  • Hand hygiene: Avoid touching your face and eyes with dirty hands. Wash your hands regularly, especially when coming from outside or before meals. If washing is not possible, use hand sanitizers for disinfection.

  • Stress management: Try to avoid stress and ensure quality relaxation.

Following these recommendations helps support a strong and healthy immune system

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