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Doctor identifies syndrome commonly found in young people

Doctor identifies syndrome commonly found in young people What problem is often found in young people (photo: Freepik)
Author: Daryna Vialko

Young people often complain of joint pain. It may not necessarily be rheumatism. Ukrainian rheumatologist Yelyzaveta Isakova named a syndrome that can occur in young people.

What is known

The doctor said that one of the most common causes of pain in the anterior part of the knee joint in young people is patellofemoral pain syndrome.

A characteristic feature of this condition is that discomfort can occur during prolonged walking, running, squats, going upstairs and downstairs.

Sometimes patients complain of pain when sitting with their legs bent for a long time, and this may be accompanied by a cracking sound.

The expert noted that this is an anatomical and physiological feature of a person.

“The kneecap is too mobile and can move sideways, the thigh muscles are not strong enough to hold such an imbalance. The tendons that attach become inflamed in response to the load,” the doctor said.

The body also has an iliotibial tract, a thick band of connective tissue that extends along the outer part of the leg from the hip to the knee and helps stabilize the knee during movement.

Runners often have a situation where this tract rubs against the outer part of the knee joint and as a result, pain occurs.

In addition, there can be inflammation or irritation of the tendon, which can occur due to excessive stress or injury.

How to solve the problem

According to the rheumatologist, if the pain is very severe, you can take anti-inflammatory drugs, but this is not a solution.

The main treatment is special exercises to strengthen the muscles of the knee joint and correction of the movement patterns.

A specialist who manages such patients is a rehabilitation therapist. The way to overcome the problem is a person's willingness to take care of health and to work hard.

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