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Simple tips to relieve leg tension

Simple tips to relieve leg tension Illustrative photo (Freepik)
Author: Maria Kholina

Leg tension is a common occurance after a long day or lots of walking. Sometimes, the tension might as well happen in the morning.

Dr. Yurii Gaborets shared some tips on how to relieve tension in the legs and when to consult doctors.

If tension occurs in the evening

To ease evening leg tension, the doctor suggests using two foot baths with sea salt – one with warm water and the other with cool water. Submerge your legs for about half a minute, starting in one basin and then moving to the other.

Additionally, a leg massage after the foot baths can be helpful, whether self-administered or given by someone else. When sleeping, elevate your legs to enhance blood and lymphatic drainage.

For medical relief, you can apply Troxevasin ointment to the inner surface of the legs. If there's joint pain in the foot, Traumeel and Diclofenac for 5 days are recommended.

If tension occurs during the day

Dr. Yurii Gaborets advises bringing alternate footwear to work, allowing your feet to breathe. Sneakers are also a good choice. Change your everyday shoes to something more comfortable.

During breaks, take the stairs up and down the floors instead of using the elevator. Or go for a short walk during lunch. You can also elevate your legs for a little bit by putting your feet on the edge of the desk.

If tension occurs in the morning

If leg tension occurs in the morning, be sure to warm your legs up. Check for any swelling in the legs by pressing and looking for impressions or dents from your fingers.

When to see a doctor

If there are indentations and swelling in the morning, it's essential to check the kidneys and undergo a general urine analysis. If swelling occurs in the evening, it's worth checking for venous insufficiency through Doppler ultrasound of the lower limbs. If everything is fine, consider excluding heart failure.

"Don't overindulge in diuretics to identify swelling because they thicken the blood, leading to orthostatic collapse and dizziness. If you find it challenging to cope with fatigue, consult a vascular surgeon or orthopedic specialist," advises Yurii Gaborets.

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