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Dermatologist named 5 things she would never do to her skin

Dermatologist named 5 things she would never do to her skin The main mistakes in skin care (photo:

Certified dermatologist from New York, Shereen Idriss, in her TikTok, has shared five things she would never do to her skin. Taking care of your face is crucial as the skin requires special attention. Even dermatologists can make mistakes, and on her list is a point that was once a big failure for her, and she no longer wants to repeat it.

Never use the same towel twice. This also applies to sponges; avoid using the same loofah daily. It's not advisable to wipe your skin with fabric that has already accumulated its share of bacteria. Always use a new sponge and towel, wash loofahs daily.

Never use vacuum devices to "suck out" pimples. Dermatologists also advise against squeezing blackheads on the nose. You're just causing trauma to your skin, which can result in enlarged pores.

Dermatologist named 5 things she would never do to her skin

How to properly care for the skin (photo:

Avoid using expired sunscreen. Yes, SPF creams can be pricey, and many try to "stretch" them throughout the entire summer or even two seasons. But this is dangerous. Dermatologists don't recommend risking your skin's protection for the sake of saving money; you're simply losing the ability to shield your skin.

Never rush into getting Botox. According to Idris, she made this mistake and now deeply regrets it. She started Botox injections too early and is now compelled to repeat the process again and again. It's crucial to approach injections with such substances responsibly; they are unnecessary at a young age.

Dermatologist named 5 things she would never do to her skin

Mistakes in skin care (photo:

Save your money on expensive serums with hyaluronic acid. According to the dermatologist, people have needlessly rushed to buy all the advertised and very expensive products. "Hyaluronic acid," which is supposed to help the skin retain moisture, can cause redness and inflammation.

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