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Essential skin care in winter: Dermatologist's advice

Essential skin care in winter: Dermatologist's advice Illustrative photo (Freepik)
Author: Maria Kholina

It's crucial to pay attention to certain nuances when taking care of your skin during winter season. This will help avoid unwanted consequences, according to the medical community Svij.doc.

Skin care tips

Dermatologist Viktoriia Myroniuk explained that temperature drops, changes in humidity, and dry air from heating and radiators can lead to dry skin and exacerbate chronic dermatological conditions, accompanied by peeling and itching.

Ceramide cream

According to the expert, it's essential to replenish fatty acids during the cold months to support the skin barrier.

Prevent dehydration

In the cold season, it's advisable to include toner, serum, or a mask with hyaluronic acid, as well as moisturizing cream in your skincare routine.

Body emollients

Don't forget about body emollients, ingredients that soften and eliminate peeling and skin tightness.

Avoid excessive exfoliation

Excessive exfoliation can lead to the formation of microcracks in the skin barrier, resulting in even greater water loss and inflammation.

Air moisturization

During the cold season, investing in an air humidifier is recommended. Dry heat from radiators and lack of humidity in houses, apartments, or offices pose an additional threat to the skin barrier.

List of useful habits

In addition to using specialized cosmetic products for skincare, it's worth incorporating some useful habits into everyday life.

In winter, it's crucial to consume enough water to prevent skin dehydration.

Warm water is recommended instead of hot water for showers, baths, and washing, as hot water quickly evaporates and disrupts the skin's protective barrier.

Winter skincare should be gentle and as mild as possible: avoid excessive rubbing and massaging. It's also better to refrain from frequent contrasting washes, as the skin can manage without them.

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