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Forget dry skin: 3 budget tips for facial care from dermatologist

Forget dry skin: 3 budget tips for facial care from dermatologist Moisturize your skin in winter (photo:

In winter, many people suffer from dry skin. Flaking, itching, and ruined makeup - many women dream of a "magic wand" that will save their skin. It turns out that you can rescue your skin from dryness without expensive creams, writes

According to a dermatologist, three essential simple and budget-friendly tips will help you forget about skin problems.

Proper cleansing

If you suffer from dry skin, try to reduce the factors that can cause irritation. The dermatologist advises cleansing the face, which suffers from tightness, with a gentle foam or gel that is gentle. If you don't wear makeup, plain water is enough for washing.

Use glycerin

It turns out you can forget about dry skin thanks to a pharmacy and budget-friendly solution. The dermatologist advises mixing glycerin with water in a ratio of 4 to 1, and then applying the resulting tonic to the skin. This will make your face smooth and moisturized, and dryness will definitely disappear.

Forget dry skin: 3 budget tips for facial care from dermatologist

How to take care of skin (photo:

Moisturize the air

The dermatologist advises ensuring that the air in your home is not dry. During the heating season, radiators and heaters literally dry out the room. Therefore, consider purchasing an air humidifier.

For better effect, place the device near your sleeping area. This way, you will moisturize your skin even at night. In the morning, you won't see flakes and cracks, which often appear on the skin due to excessive dryness.

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