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Denmark becomes first country to procure weapons for Ukraine's Forces from Ukrainian manufacturers

Denmark becomes first country to procure weapons for Ukraine's Forces from Ukrainian manufacturers Archive photo: Minister of Strategic Industries Oleksandr Kamyshin (Getty Images)

Recently, Denmark allocated a new aid package to Ukraine, and part of the funds will be spent on weapons for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which Ukrainian companies will produce, according to the Minister for Strategic Industries, Oleksandr Kamyshin.

It is noted that this involves $28.5 million. The department specified that this is the first and so far unprecedented decision where military products for the Armed Forces are purchased from Ukrainian manufacturers using funds from another state.

The minister explained that the capability of the Ukrainian defense industry complex is about $20 billion, but Ukraine only has $6 billion for purchasing weapons.

"Roughly speaking, only a third of all the machinery in the country is operational because there isn't enough money to fill the rest with orders," explained Kamyshin.

ZBROYARI (armourers) project

According to the minister, the optimal solution to this situation turned out to be the idea of ​​offering partners to buy weapons for Ukraine within Ukraine itself.

This is how the project ZBROYARI: Manufacturing Freedom appeared. Kamyshin explained that this is a global fundraising campaign, a strategic gathering - not for individuals, but for entire nations. Its goal is to raise $10 billion for the production of Ukrainian weapons this year.

"Today we have the first donation. This decision is significant, it opens the way for other countries - and we are incredibly grateful to the Danish government and the Danish people for their leadership," Kamyshin said.

Danish support for Ukraine

Denmark has been supporting Ukraine in its war with Russia from the very beginning, providing comprehensive assistance, supplying weapons, and imposing sanctions against Russia.

In February, Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen stated that her country had decided to transfer all the artillery it has in reserve to Ukraine.

Shortly afterward, Ukraine signed a security agreement with Denmark. It was the first country outside the Big Seven to provide security guarantees to Ukraine. Recently, Denmark allocated an additional 300 million euros in military aid to Ukraine.