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Deadliest attack on IDF in recent months: 8 soldiers killed in Rafah

Deadliest attack on IDF in recent months: 8 soldiers killed in Rafah Illustrative photo (photo: Getty Images)

An explosion in southern Gaza claimed the lives of eight Israeli soldiers. The Israeli army has called it the deadliest attack on Israeli forces in recent months, reports Politico.

Politico suggests that this attack is likely to lead to an intensification of Israeli protesters calling for an end to the violence. The incident occurred during a surge of anger in Israeli society over the exemption of ultra-Orthodox Jews from military service.

The Saturday explosion took place in Rafah, a southern city that Israel has called the last major stronghold of Hamas. Ground troops were deployed there in early May.

"They knew they might have to sacrifice their lives, but they did it so we could live in this country. I salute them and hug their families," said Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz in a post on X.

Israel's losses

The most recent significant loss for the IDF was the death of 21 servicemen during an attack by Palestinian militants in Gaza in January of this year.

According to Israeli military data, starting from October 7, when Hamas launched a large-scale terrorist attack on Israel, over 600 soldiers have been killed in battles with militants.

Failure of the peace plan

In May, US President Joe Biden unveiled a peace plan to end the war in the Gaza Strip.

The office of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated that they understood the plan as one that allows Israel to continue the war until all of its objectives are achieved, including the destruction of Hamas's military and leadership capabilities.

On June 11, Hamas announced that it had provided intermediaries with its response to the ceasefire proposal in the Gaza Strip. The response contains some amendments to the agreement.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken stated that Hamas has proposed numerous changes, some of which are unworkable. Hamas denies this, accusing Israel of deviating from the plan.

US President Joe Biden does not expect the agreement to be signed soon. He stated that neither Israel nor Hamas has fully approved the proposal.