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Hamas responds to latest ceasefire proposal in Gaza with amendments

Hamas responds to latest ceasefire proposal in Gaza with amendments Illustrative photo (photo: Getty Images)

Hamas stated on Tuesday that it had provided intermediaries with its response to the US-backed proposal for a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip. The response includes some amendments to the agreement, according to AP.

The foreign ministries of Qatar and Egypt, along with the US, as key mediators, confirmed that they had received Hamas' response and are currently studying it.

"We’re in receipt of this reply that Hamas delivered to Qatar and to Egypt, and we are evaluating it right now," White House national security spokesman John Kirby told reporters in Washington.

Hamas spokesman Jihad Taha stated that the response includes amendments confirming the cessation of hostilities, the withdrawal of forces, and the restoration and exchange of prisoners. He did not specify further details.

But while supporting the broad outlines of the deal, Hamas officials have expressed wariness over whether Israel would implement its terms, particularly provisions for an eventual permanent end to fighting and full Israeli withdrawal from Gaza in return for the release of all hostages held by the militants.

Peace plan and Israel's position

President Joe Biden revealed the essence of the US-backed peace plan.

In a statement following Biden's speech, the office of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu confirmed that there is an agreement with Hamas on the table. However, they believe that the proposal will allow Israel to continue the war until all of its goals are achieved, including the destruction of Hamas' military and leadership potential.

Yesterday, June 11, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken met with Netanyahu, during which the leaders discussed the plan. The State Department's statement notes that the US and other world leaders will support the comprehensive proposal outlined by President Biden.