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Biden voices disappointing forecast for Israel's peace deal with Hamas

Biden voices disappointing forecast for Israel's peace deal with Hamas Joe Biden, President of the United States of America (Getty Images)
Author: Maria Kholina

US President Joe Biden has said that he does not expect a ceasefire agreement in the Gaza Strip to be signed in the near future. The proposal has not been fully endorsed by either Israel or the terrorist group Hamas, citing the Associated Press.

The White House leader noted that international leaders discussed the ceasefire issue at the G7 summit in Italy. However, when asked by journalists if a ceasefire agreement would be reached soon, Biden replied simply: "No," adding, "I haven’t lost hope"."

Palestinian militants responded to this proposal this week, suggesting changes aimed at ensuring a permanent ceasefire and the complete withdrawal of Israeli troops from the Gaza Strip. Biden's announced proposal includes these provisions, but Hamas is concerned about whether Israel will fulfill these conditions.

Earlier on Thursday, June 13, US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan denied claims that Israel is not fully complying with the ceasefire plan. Sullivan said that the goal is to "to figure out how we work to bridge the remaining gaps and get to a deal."

Peace deal between Israel and Hamas

In early June, Israel proposed a three-phase ceasefire agreement to Hamas, which includes the return of hostages. Biden disclosed details of this plan.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken stated that Hamas had proposed numerous changes to the US-backed ceasefire proposal in the Gaza Strip. Some of these changes are deemed unrealistic. Specifically, the terrorists want written guarantees from the US regarding the ceasefire plan.

On June 11, Hamas provided intermediaries with its response to the US-backed ceasefire proposal in the Gaza Strip.

Meanwhile, on the Israeli-Lebanese border, Hezbollah militants have been launching rockets and explosive drones against Israeli military posts for the second consecutive day in retaliation for the killing of a senior commander. The escalation occurs as some Israeli leaders threaten total war to force the group to cease rocket attacks, while militants attempt to pressure Israel during ceasefire negotiations to support Hamas as their ally.