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Czech troops presence in Ukraine possible, president

Czech troops presence in Ukraine possible, president Photo: President of Czechia Petr Pavel (Getty Images)

Czechia urges expansion of aid forms, including possible troop presence in Ukraine, says President Petr Pavel.

He emphasized that it is not about sending combat units, but about forms of assistance and "non-combat interaction".

"I am in favor of finding new ways, including continuing the discussion about a possible presence in Ukraine," the Czech president said.

"Let's not limit ourselves where it is not necessary," he added.

Sending troops doesn't violate international rules

According to him, it is identical if Ukrainian soldiers are trained by Western instructors in their homeland or directly in Ukraine.

"Ukraine, despite the attack, is still a sovereign country," he said, reminding that the possible training mission is not a violation of any international rules.

Pavel also added that it depends on them (Ukraine - ed.) what form of help they choose.

Talks about sending Western troops to Ukraine

French President Emmanuel Macron did not rule out that NATO could send troops to help Ukraine. The main problem, he said, is that there is currently no consensus on this issue.

Several NATO countries have already opposed this idea, in particular, Germany, Czechia, Bulgaria, Spain, and Italy.

At the same time, some countries are ready to consider such a possibility, for example, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia.

Canada, which is also a member of NATO, declared that it is ready to send troops to Ukraine, but only to train Ukrainian defenders in the territory far from the front.