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Czechia approves extension of training for Ukrainian military in 2024

Czechia approves extension of training for Ukrainian military in 2024 Photo: Czechia approves the extension of training for Ukrainian military (Getty Images)

Ukrainian soldiers will be able to continue their training in Czechia next year, as the Chamber of Deputies approved the relevant proposal from the government, reports Czech Radio.

Out of 150 Czech deputies, 129 voted in favor of continuing the training of Ukrainian military personnel.

"Defense Minister Jana Černochová informed the deputies that around 3,500 Ukrainian military personnel have already undergone training in Czechia, and another 500 have received training from Czech instructors in Poland. According to the minister, the experience gained also contributes to improving the training of Czech military units," writes the radio company.

It is noted that the approved proposal will allow not only Ukrainian military personnel but also soldiers from EU and NATO member countries to stay in Czechia.

In particular, a condition for the continuation of training is that the number of foreign military personnel on Czech territory does not exceed 800, as it was in the current year.

Czech assistance to Ukraine

Czechia is one of Ukraine's main allies, supporting the country at the beginning of the full-scale invasion by Russian occupiers. Throughout the war, Prague has provided Ukraine with not only humanitarian aid but also military assistance.

For example, in mid-October, Czechia announced that, in collaboration with Denmark, it would supply Ukraine with infantry fighting vehicles, tanks, heavy weaponry, and other equipment, both newly manufactured and from the warehouses of Czech private companies, funded by the Danish government.

In November, Czechia and Taiwan signed an agreement to collaborate on providing assistance in Ukraine's reconstruction efforts.