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Czechia allocates financial aid to Ukraine through NATO fund

Czechia allocates financial aid to Ukraine through NATO fund Illustrative photo (Photo: Getty Images)
Author: Daria Shekina

Czechia to donate up to 2.5 million euros (approximately 60 million crowns) to the specific fund of the North Atlantic Alliance for non-military assistance to Ukraine, according to České noviny.

It is reported that the Czech government has approved this decision. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Czechia, this proposal reflects the necessity, in the current foreign policy context, to respond to the increasing complexity of the international security situation by intensifying efforts to maintain support for Ukraine.

About the fund

The Trust Fund has been operational since 2016 and serves as a tool for non-military assistance to Ukraine. This includes items such as fuel, medical supplies, food products, winter clothing, and anti-drone systems.

Armaments and other military equipment are provided by individual states, using the European Peace Facility for this purpose.

During the NATO summit in Vilnius in July, according to the Ministry, the continuation of this support was confirmed. Additionally, the trust fund is expected to transition into a multi-year plan focused on reforms in the security and defense sector and on transitioning the Ukrainian Armed Forces to full-fledged cooperation with NATO.

Contributors to Ukraine via the fund

Most NATO members contribute to the fund, except for the United States, France, Italy, and alliance partners like Japan.

Regarding NATO's internal debates on individual state contributions to the overall NATO financing, a fair measure was determined. In the case of Czechia, this stands at approximately one percent.

The total annual contributions to the fund are currently anticipated to reach 500 million euros. Since the beginning of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine last year, Czechia has contributed to the fund:

  • 1.28 million euros from the Ministry of Defense budget.
  • 1 million euros and 6 million crowns (247 thousand euros) from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs budget.
  • 1.09 million dollars, initially allocated from the already discontinued alliance fund for the Afghan National Army.

Czech assistance

Czechia is one of Ukraine's key allies, supporting our country from the onset of the full-scale invasion by Russian occupiers. Throughout the war, Prague has provided not only humanitarian but also military aid.

For instance, in mid-October, Czechia announced plans, together with Denmark, to supply Ukraine with infantry fighting vehicles, battle tanks, heavy armaments, and other equipment, both new and from Czech private company stocks, financed by the Danish government.

It was reported today that Ukrainian soldiers would be able to continue training in Czechia the following year, as the Chamber of Deputies had approved the government's proposal.