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Czech President outlines key points needed for Ukraine to counter Russia

Czech President outlines key points needed for Ukraine to counter Russia Photo: Czech President Petr Pavel (GettyImages)
Author: Liliana Oleniak

Czech President Petr Pavel has expressed his opinion on the need to supply weapons to Ukraine. According to the Czech leader, Western allies recommend that the Ukrainian army limit its offensive actions and strengthen its defense, according to Polish broadcaster TVN24.

According to Pavel, according to Western partners, these actions should be taken since Ukraine currently has limited capabilities on the battlefield, unlike Russia.

He emphasizes that Kyiv needs not only purely defensive weapons but also those that will impede the supply of the Russian army: artillery or longer-range cruise missiles, as well as Western F-16 fighters.

"Only a balance of power can make both sides realize that they will not achieve further success and that it is time for negotiations," the Czech leader adds.

Czech assistance to Ukraine

The Czech Republic is one of Ukraine's main allies, and since the first days of Russia's full-scale invasion, Prague has been providing not only humanitarian but also military assistance.

It was recently reported that Ukrainian soldiers would be able to continue their training in the Czech Republic in 2024. The Chamber of Deputies approved the government's proposal.

Czech Defense Minister Jana Černohová said that the country had issued licenses for commercial supplies of military equipment to Ukraine totaling about 117 billion CZK (4.7 billion euros).

Later, it also became known that the Czech Republic would purchase ammunition for RPG-7 from the STV Group arms company to train the Ukrainian military for up to 2.5 billion CZK ($110.1 million).

The day before, Prime Ministers of Denmark and the Czech Republic Mette Frederiksen and Petr Fiala discussed Ukraine's need for ammunition. They plan to raise this issue again during the European Union summit.