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Cyberattack on Kyivstar: Security Service opens case, Russian involvement not ruled out

Cyberattack on Kyivstar: Security Service opens case, Russian involvement not ruled out Security Service of Ukraine opened a criminal case over the cyberattack on Kyivstar (Photo: Getty Images)

The Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) has opened a criminal case regarding a cyber attack on one of the national mobile communication operators, "Kyivstar" (the largest mobile operator in Ukraine). Law enforcement officials suggest that the aggressor country may be behind the attack, according to the SSU press service in a comment to the media

The investigation is initiated under eight articles of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, including:

  • Article 361 (Unauthorized interference with the operation of information (automated), electronic communication, information and communication systems, electronic communication networks).
  • Article 361-1 (Creation for illegal use, dissemination, or sale of harmful software or technical means, as well as their dissemination or sale).
  • Article 110 (Encroachment on the territorial integrity and inviolability of Ukraine).
  • Article 111 (State treason).
  • Article 113 (Sabotage).
  • Article 437 (Planning, preparation, unleashing, and conduct of aggressive war).
  • Article 438 (Violation of the laws and customs of war).
  • Article 255 (Creation, leadership of a criminal community or criminal organization, and participation in it).

One of the versions currently being investigated by the SSU investigators is that Russian special services may be behind this cyber attack.

Immediately after the incident, an operational investigative group of the SSU arrived at the company offices, documenting the attack's circumstances.

At the same time, cybersecurity specialists of the SBU are working at the scene, assisting "Kyivstar" employees and coordinating efforts of all government agencies for the fastest possible network recovery.

"Kyivstar" outage due to hacker attack

It is worth noting that today, a large-scale technical failure occurred in the operations of the telecommunications company "Kyivstar." The reason for this is a hacker attack.

As a result of a significant failure at "Kyivstar" nationwide, subscribers are experiencing a lack of mobile communication, and the operator's website and mobile application are not working. Additionally, there is no internet access.

At the same time, the failure of "Kyivstar" has led to other problems in various parts of the country related to street lighting, the operation of "hotlines," fare payment, and the operation of terminals and ATMs. In particular, warnings about problems were issued by PrivatBank and Oschadbank.

The company has not yet begun to assess how much time it may take to restore the operator's operation.