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Crucial winter care tips for indoor plants: An overlooked aspect

Crucial winter care tips for indoor plants: An overlooked aspect What you must do with indoor plants (

Indoor plants require regular care in the form of watering and feeding. Many people forget about an equally important point - the dusting of flowers, according to Express.

What you need to know about dust and plants

Accumulation of dust in any part of the house is not a good thing. It can cause allergies, affect breathing, and prevent plants from staying healthy.

When the leaves are covered with dust, they will not be able to receive the optimal amount of light needed to complete photosynthesis. If this happens, your plants will not produce as much oxygen as they could.

Also, your plants won't grow if they can't get the light they need because of the dust.

In addition, dusting will help keep houseplants looking their best, as there will be no color cast left on them.

Doing this work will also mean that owners can keep an eye out for any pests or diseases, which are common problems during the winter months.

This means that people should try to dust their houseplants a few times a week during the winter, analyzing whether this is enough or too much.

How to wipe dust from plants

It is best to wipe houseplants with a microfiber cloth, as this will remove as much dust as possible.

You will need to support the sheet from the bottom with one hand and then gently run a microfiber cloth over the surface of the sheet to remove any dust.

It is important to support the bottom of the sheet to prevent it from breaking or being damaged. If you have plants with smaller leaves, you may want to use a brush to remove the dust from those leaves, as the microfiber cloth may be too large and may damage the plant.