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Cosmetologist shares secret to beautiful face shape

Cosmetologist shares secret to beautiful face shape How to form a beautiful oval face (photo: Freepik)

A beautiful face shape helps highlight your individual features and make them even more expressive. To achieve this effect, you don't necessarily need to visit a cosmetologist; two home procedures can yield just as good results. Cosmetologist Olga Pozdnyakova on Instagram reports on how to shape a beautiful face oval.

How to shape a beautiful face oval

"Pinch along the entire oval line in three sets. Then, using your knuckles, move deeply along the bone edge seven times, as shown in the video. Next, with your knuckles, move from the double chin to the ears and downwards under the jawline. Repeat this five times. This procedure can be done daily," says the cosmetologist.

This massage can be performed without cream or oil, but if your skin is very dry, apply a small amount of product.

"And of course, ideally, for the best result, there should be a full massage and a comprehensive facial care routine," adds Pozdnyakova.

Massage with a Gua Sha scraper

You can also use a Gua Sha scraper to shape a beautiful face oval.

"Use gentle massage movements under the jawline, starting from the double chin area and moving towards the ear. Then, go over the jawline area. You can use either the edge or the notch of the scraper, whichever is more comfortable for you. After that, move the scraper from the chin to the ear and down the side of the neck, as shown in the video," advises the cosmetologist.

First, perform 5 sets using the scraping technique, then do the same number of penetrating movements from the ears down the neck.

Repeat the entire cycle on the other half of the face. This procedure can be done every other day. During the massage, apply cream or cosmetic oil to the skin.

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