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Conscription, evacuation, and more: Germany develops war plan

Conscription, evacuation, and more: Germany develops war plan Archive photo: Germany has developed a war plan (Getty Images)
Author: Daryna Vialko

The German government has developed a new plan in case of war. It provides for the possible evacuation of the population, compulsory service for conscripts, and much more, according to Bild.

It is noted that the German government has presented a new military plan called the Framework Directive on Common Defense. The document outlines the measures to be taken during a military conflict.

Military service

The plan stipulates that conscription will be reinstated in the event of war. This means that citizens may be called into the army at any time.

Also, according to the plan, NATO troops should be deployed across the country to the eastern flank, where Bundeswehr forces will also be stationed.

In addition, the authorities may oblige companies to produce goods only for defense purposes.

Protection of the population

"The government may issue orders for urgent evacuation from certain areas of the country. It is forbidden to separate families," journalists write.

Basements, underground parking lots, and subway stations are to be used as temporary shelters for the population.

Bild reports that in the event of war, Germany could face a supply crisis, such as shortages of vegetables and fruits. Therefore, the Ministry of Food may regulate food distribution. The government will stockpile wheat, rye, and oats in secret locations. There is also an emergency reserve, namely rice or legumes, to provide the population, especially in urban centers, with one hot meal a day.

Other aspects of war plan

  • While Germany defends itself, the Bundestag should not be dissolved;
  • Hospitals should be prepared for a sudden influx of large numbers of patients over a long period of time;
  • The Employment Service may oblige citizens aged 18 and older to work in certain jobs: for example, in nursing, post offices, or bakeries.

Discussions on Germany's participation in a possible war

Germany is a NATO member and is actively helping Ukraine repel Russian aggression. At the same time, the country itself is preparing for a possible invasion of the territory of the North Atlantic Alliance.

Yesterday, German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius said that the country should be prepared for a war that could occur in 2029.