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Conference on recovery of Ukraine will take place in Japan: Details revealed

Conference on recovery of Ukraine will take place in Japan: Details revealed Photo: A conference on the reconstruction of Ukraine will be held in Japan (GettyImages)

A conference dedicated to the economic recovery of Ukraine will take place in Tokyo, with the participation of over 30 Ukrainian companies, according to Nikkei Asia.

Possible areas of cooperation include energy, infrastructure, and agriculture to increase investments in Ukraine.

Maksym Timchenko, DTEK CEO, in an interview with Nikkei, stated that DTEK (Ukraine's largest private energy company) has discussed with Japanese companies supplies for the modernization of power grids, projects related to renewable energy, battery storage, or "anything that can be done in Japan."

With investments from DTEK in solar and wind energy, the total capacity of the company's renewable generation has reached 1900 megawatts, equivalent to the energy consumption of the Kyiv region.

Timchenko also emphasized that in wartime, it is much safer to build more decentralized electricity generation, such as solar and wind power plants, than large power plants running on fossil fuels. "The latter are more vulnerable to military strikes."

In a phone call in November 2023, the leaders of Japan and Ukraine, Fumio Kishida and Volodymyr Zelenskyy, agreed to hold a conference dedicated to the economic reconstruction of Ukraine. The event is scheduled for February 19.

Assistance from Japan to Ukraine

Earlier, we reported that, according to Masato Kanda, the Deputy Minister of Finance of Japan for International Affairs, the country will continue to provide timely budgetary support to Ukraine.

We also mentioned that Japan will transfer equipment to Ukraine to aid the energy sector.