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Civilian ship with Panamanian flag hits Russian mine in Black Sea

Civilian ship with Panamanian flag hits Russian mine in Black Sea Civilian ship with the Panamanian flag hits enemy mine in the Black Sea (
Author: Maria Kholina

A civilian vessel flying the Panamanian flag hit a Russian mine in the Black Sea. The bulk carrier was en route to one of the Danube ports to load grain. Two individuals have been injured, according to the Southern Ukrainian Defense Forces.

"The vessel lost propulsion and control, with a fire erupting on the upper deck. To prevent sinking, the captain intentionally grounded the ship," military sources reported.

Coast Guard boats and search and rescue teams promptly provided assistance to the crew, bringing medics on board.

"During the inspection of the vessel and questioning of the captain, two sailors with injuries were identified. Immediate medical attention was given to one on the spot, while the other, accompanied by medical personnel, was transported to the nearest hospital. His condition is satisfactory," added the Southern Ukrainian Defense Forces.

Tugboats are currently being dispatched to the scene to tow the ship off the shoals and bring it to port.

Incidents in the Black Sea

Such incidents have become somewhat common lately. For instance, in October, off the coast of Romania in the Black Sea, a cargo ship flying the Turkish flag hit a mine. The vessel sustained minor damage, and the crew remained unharmed.

Besides, in early November, Russian occupiers launched a missile strike on a ship entering the port of the Odesa region. One sailor died, and four others were wounded in the incident.