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Cholera and hepatitis outbrakes threaten Ukraine due to power outages

Cholera and hepatitis outbrakes threaten Ukraine due to power outages Minister of Health of Ukraine Viktor Liashko (
Author: Maria Kholina

Ukraine faces the risk of hepatitis and cholera outbreaks due to power outages. This situation may be exacerbated by water supply disruptions amid electricity consumption restrictions, according to Ukraine’s Health Minister Viktor Liashko.

According to Liashko, Ukraine is encountering a critical situation similar to those experienced during the destruction of the Kakhovka Dam due to power outages and attacks on energy facilities, which led to water supply interruptions.

This can facilitate the transmission of waterborne infectious diseases.

"We have already recorded outbreaks of viral hepatitis A last year and this year, which is associated with water. Therefore, the Centers for Disease Control and Municipal Services are working intensively to prevent the spread of the infection," said the health minister.

He added that there is currently an increase in cases of gastroenterocolitis of unknown etiology and other diseases. Therefore, despite the absence of cholera cases, the system has already activated monitoring of the epidemiological situation to timely detect possible cases of infections.

Liashko said that the greatest threat lies in the spread of infectious diseases that are transmitted through inadequate hygiene. He stressed the importance of vaccination during the war, urging all citizens not to refuse necessary immunizations.

"Right now, we are in the epidemic season, which is one of the trigger points we are working on. We have intensified epidemiological monitoring, detecting all cases of diarrhea and other symptoms. We have certain test systems to investigate and not miss any cases," said Ukraine’s health minister.