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Chinese and Russian Foreign Ministers discuss war in Ukraine

Chinese and Russian Foreign Ministers discuss war in Ukraine Minister of Foreign Affairs of China, Wang Yi (Photo: Getty Images)
Author: Daria Shekina

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi today, August 7, discussed the war in Ukraine with his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China.

"The parties also exchanged views on the Ukrainian crisis (as referred to in China - Ed.) and other international and regional issues of mutual interest," the statement reads.

What the Chinese representative said

Wang Yi emphasized that China would maintain an independent and unbiased position regarding the war in Ukraine, expressed an objective and rational opinion, actively promoted "peaceful negotiations," and sought political solutions to any international multilateral event.

What the Russian representative said

Lavrov responded to the Chinese diplomat that "Russia fully agrees with China's positional document on the political settlement of the Ukrainian crisis and values and welcomes China's constructive role in this regard."

China's stance on the war in Ukraine

China has maintained a supposedly neutral position in the war from the beginning. China did not condemn, nor did it support Russia, but it strengthened its trade ties with Russia.

Moreover, China released a so-called "peace plan" for the war in Ukraine, which was criticized by Ukraine, Europe, and the US.

China also sent its special envoy, Li Hui, to Ukraine, the EU, and Russia. After his tour, Li Hui stated that China and Europe had reached a consensus on the "Ukrainian crisis."

Additionally, after visiting several countries, Li Hui remarked that neither the Kremlin nor Kyiv "closed the door to dialogue," but they faced many difficulties in sitting down at the negotiation table.