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China shows design of spacecraft for colonizing moon

China shows design of spacecraft for colonizing moon China plans to land astronauts on the moon by 2030 (screenshot from the video)

China has shown models of rockets and spacecraft it is developing to send astronauts to the moon. This mission is planned to be completed by 2030, writes Space.

What spacecraft will look like

China is planning to send its astronauts to the moon on the Long March 10 rocket. This device is based on the current Chinese current rocket missile the Long March 5. The next-generation spacecraft inherits the technology from the current Shenzhou spacecraft, which sends astronauts to China's Tiangong space station. China has already made three successful robotic landings on the moon.

China has plans to launch two Long March 10 rockets, with one for the lander and another for the crew spacecraft. The lander and crewed spacecraft will meet and dock in lunar orbit.

The pair of astronauts will then transfer to the lander and descend to the surface of the moon, where they will perform a variety of scientific work and collect some lunar samples during their approximately six-hour stay on the satellite.

"The development of the lunar lander and the new spacecraft is still taking advantage of the previous technologies. We are also accelerating the assessment and development of the manned lunar rover," said Fan Ping, chief designer of space stations at Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology (SAST).

China showed what a rocket would look like to land astronauts on the moon (video)This is what the apparatus for sending astronauts to the moon will look like (screenshot from the video)

He also added that China has announced the goal of landing people on the moon by 2030. Once that goal is met, building a lunar research station could be next.

China is now working to attract partners for a project called the International Lunar Research Station. The country, along with its partners, aims to begin construction of a lunar outpost after precursor Chang'e 7 and 8 missions around 2026 and 208.

Earlier we reported on the colonization of the moon. which is expected to happen by 2075