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China on Ukraine-Russia negotiations: 'Should be no winners and losers'

China on Ukraine-Russia negotiations: 'Should be no winners and losers' Photo: China has expressed its view on the negotiations between Ukraine and Russia (

China will contribute efforts to the political resolution of the war in Ukraine, where there will be no "winner and loser", according to the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Wang Wenbin.

As the spokesperson noted, China's position on the war in Ukraine is consistent, clear, and transparent. Currently, there is a risk of further deterioration and escalation, therefore efforts should be made to end the conflict through negotiations rather than military actions.

"There should be no winner and loser in a political settlement. Rather, it should be peace that prevails. China will continue to play a constructive role to that end. China is neither the one that created the conflict nor a party to it, and has never provided lethal weapons or equipment to any party."

According to Wenbin, Beijing is not seeking to benefit from the war, and other countries should not "smear and attack normal relations between China and Russia".

China's position on the war

China is considering the possibility of participating in a peace conference aimed at ending the war in Ukraine, which will be organized by neutral Switzerland in the coming months. Ukraine has already organized several meetings regarding the peace formula at the level of advisors to heads of state, with the participation of dozens of countries.

Last year, Beijing presented its 12-item "peace" plan for Ukraine but has not yet taken any significant steps, except for the tour of China's special representative for Eurasian affairs, Li Hui.