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Chile to assist Ukraine with humanitarian demining after war

Chile to assist Ukraine with humanitarian demining after war Sign "Danger, mines" (photo: Getty Images)

Chile consistently and gradually condemns Russia's aggression against Ukraine and plans to join humanitarian demining efforts after the war ends, states President Gabriel Boric at the Peace Summit in Switzerland.

The Chilean leader emphasized his country's commitment to the principles of respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity and called for respect for these principles, human rights, and international law as the basis for sustainable peace.

"We strongly oppose the use of force and the threat of such use, believing that diplomacy and international law are the only legitimate instruments for resolving disputes," Boric said.

He also deemed the protection of Ukrainian nuclear power plants as crucial, as they are a guarantee of future international prosperity, and stressed the need to eliminate the possibility of nuclear weapon use.

"We must be able to... sit Russia down at the negotiating table," Boric stated.

Additionally, the President of Chile announced that the country will contribute to the humanitarian demining of Ukraine after the war ends.

US President's advisor Jake Sullivan suggested that Russian President Vladimir Putin asked China not to participate in the peace summit.

Earlier, it was reported that according to European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, freezing the Russian-Ukrainian conflict today will only lead to further aggressive war.