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China absent from Peace Summit in Switzerland, obviously at Putin's request - Sullivan

China absent from Peace Summit in Switzerland, obviously at Putin's request - Sullivan National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan (photo: Getty Images)

National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan suggested that China is not participating in the peace summit in Switzerland because the leadership of the PRC was asked to do so by Russian President Vladimir Putin, reports AP.

"What is clear is that China is not here, and I presume they’re not here because Putin asked them not to come and they obliged Putin," Sullivan said.

In his opinion, this can be seen as indicative of China's position regarding Russia's war against Ukraine.

"And I think that says something about where China stands with respect to Russia’s war in Ukraine. I think countries should take notice of that," Biden's advisor said.

China's support for Russian aggression against Ukraine

Publicly, China always declares respect for Ukraine's territorial integrity and the need to preserve it. However, in practice, China is the one providing the most aid to Russia in its war against Ukraine, actively supplying dual-use goods to Russia that are used in weapon production and, according to unofficial information, also directly supplying weapons. Additionally, China's leadership is one of the few in the world that avoids public meetings with the Russian President, who is wanted by the International Criminal Court.

According to NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg, China's assistance plays a key role for Russia in its war. Over the past year, 90% of the microelectronics imported by Russia came from China.

The Office of the President of Ukraine recently announced that China has changed its peaceful plan regarding Ukraine. It now consists of six points instead of twelve, and the restoration of Ukraine's territorial integrity and sovereignty is no longer its first point.