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Child killed by RF occupants in Kherson region: Investigation launched

Child killed by RF occupants in Kherson region: Investigation launched Archive photo: The occupiers killed a child in Kakhovka district (Getty Images)

Russian military killed a child in the Kakhovka district of Kherson region. Ukrainian law enforcement has initiated an investigation, according to the Office of the Prosecutor General.

Case details

According to the investigation, on the temporarily occupied territory of the Kakhovka district of the Kherson region, Russian army soldiers killed an underage boy.

Currently, investigative actions are underway to establish additional details of the event and identify individuals in the Russian military involved in the crime.

Guilty faces life imprisonment

A pre-trial investigation has been initiated in a criminal case concerning the violation of laws and customs of war combined with intentional homicide.

The sanction of the article provides for life imprisonment.

Russian war crimes in Ukraine

During the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the Russian army regularly commits war crimes. Several Western countries have condemned the Kremlin for this and promised to punish all those involved in the commission of crimes.

Recently, a United Nations investigative commission stated that it had found additional evidence of Russian military aggression and war crimes in Ukraine, including rape and the deportation of children to Russia.

It was also reported that a former colonel of the Main Directorate of Intelligence of Russia, and a participant in the Wagner Private Military Company, Igor Salikov, arrived in the Netherlands on December 18 and announced his intention to testify at the International Criminal Court about the war crimes of Russian occupiers in Ukraine.