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Canada to provide over $55.6 million for air defense systems for Ukraine

Canada to provide over $55.6 million for air defense systems for Ukraine Archival photo: Canadian Minister of National Defense Bill Blair (facebook com LiberalCA)
Author: Daryna Vialko

Today, on May 10, Canada decided to announce new military aid to Ukraine. This includes strengthening air defense, according to the Canadian Ministry of Defense.

The ministry writes that Blair met with his German counterpart Boris Pistorius. They discussed joint efforts to support Ukraine and work to strengthen NATO's defense and deterrence capabilities, particularly in the Baltic States, where Canada and Germany lead the Alliance's multinational battlegroups.

Blair announced that Canada would contribute $55.6 million to Germany's Immediate Action on Air Defence (IAAD) initiative in support of Ukraine.

This initiative, launched by Germany in April 2024, pools money and resources from the international community to quickly find and deliver air defense systems to Ukraine. These systems will help defend against Russian air attacks that have killed thousands of Ukrainians and destroyed hospitals, power plants, and homes.

Canada's assistance to Ukraine

Canada has been providing military assistance to Ukraine since the first days of the invasion. During this time, the Ukrainian Armed Forces received tanks, small arms, and howitzers from Canada.

For example, Blair recently said that Canada would provide Ukraine with a batch of night vision devices as part of its military aid.