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Canada to assist Ukraine until victory, not 'as long as it takes' - Defense Minister

Canada to assist Ukraine until victory, not 'as long as it takes' - Defense Minister Photo: Bill Blair, Minister of Defense of Canada (
Author: Daryna Vialko

Canada wants to help Ukraine to victory, as support “as long as it takes” is not very hopeful, states Canadian Defense Minister Bill Blair.

Defence attaché of the Ukrainian Embassy in Canada Borys Kremenetskyi noted Blair's statement that Canada would support Ukraine “until victory.” Kremenetskyi asked the minister to clarify what exactly he meant by the word "victory".

Bill Blair said that when he got this job, he changed the language, because "as long as it takes" is not very hopeful or aspirational.

The minister also added that Ukraine's victory for him meant strong and secure Ukrainian borders so that civilians could live in prosperity.

"For me, victory is defeating Putin, obviously, and driving him out of Ukraine, but also it's creating the circumstances that will allow for last and secure peace for Ukraine," added Blair.

The phrase “as long as it takes”

Western countries, in particular Germany and the United States, have repeatedly stated that they will support Ukraine “as long as it takes.”

In particular, this was stated even today, on May 14, by German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, when he revealed details about the upcoming transfer of the third Patriot battery to Ukraine.

In an interview with RBC-Ukraine, Lithuanian Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis has already pointed out the problem of such language.

He noted that the West does not define its goals in this way. According to the official, Ukraine should be supported until victory, no matter what it takes.