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Canada may purchase drones made in Ukraine

Canada may purchase drones made in Ukraine Minister of National Defence of Canada Bill Blair (photo:

Canadian Defense Minister Bill Blair stated that Canada could purchase drones manufactured in Ukraine, according to the broadcast of his press conference.

"We discussed how we can work collaboratively together, and even among the coalition partners, including Canada, investing in the purchase of Ukrainian-made drones as well. I think it's also a real opportunity," Blair said.

The Defense Minister noted that Ukrainians have two years of serious combat experience in the war with Russia, and drones have played a significant role in this.

"We've got two years of hard battle experience in that and the evolution of drones in warfare. I think it's something that we all need to learn from," the minister said.

According to Blair, Canada will seek to provide Ukraine with a million drones, some of which will be manufactured in Ukraine.

"It needs to inform future acquisition policy and so working very collaboratively with Ukrainians, supporting the Ukrainians in their own manufacture, but I think there are real benefits to all of the coalition partners as well, including Canada," Blair concluded.

Aid from Canada to Ukraine

Earlier, we reported that as part of new military assistance, Canada will provide Ukraine with ammunition and a batch of night vision devices.

We also reported that Canada and the UN have provided Ukraine with demining equipment.

Canada will provide Ukraine with 800 multi-purpose drones for air defense.