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Cameron discusses peace deal regarding Ukraine with Trump, Sunak forced to justify - media

Cameron discusses peace deal regarding Ukraine with Trump, Sunak forced to justify - media Photo: UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak (Getty Images)
Author: Liliana Oleniak

In April, UK Foreign Secretary David Cameron met with former US President Donald Trump to try to convince him to approve an increase in military aid to Ukraine. They also discussed a peace agreement on Ukraine, according to Politico and The Sunday Times.

According to a source, Cameron asked Trump: "What are the best conditions in which you as president can make a deal in January? It’s both sides holding their lines and paying a price for that."

The UK government has long insisted that a peace deal is Ukraine's business, and Prime Minister Cameron himself has publicly stated that "peace comes through strength, not through appeasement and weakness."

UK Prime Minister's spokesperson says that the UK's position on Russia's war against Ukraine has not changed.

"I don’t recognize those reports … our position has not changed. Putin must fail. It is crucial, now more than ever in this conflict, that Putin is sent a very clear message that we will support Ukraine for as long as is necessary," he says.

Sunak was also informed about the report.

"I haven’t seen this Sunday Times article, so forgive me for that. But what I can tell you is that we have led when it comes to Ukraine," he says.

The Prime Minister also adds that investments in Ukraine's security are "investments in our security."

"Our NATO allies are already worried about the prospect of if Putin succeeds, that they’ll be next — with all the consequences that would bring," the UK Prime Minister adds.

UK aid to Ukraine

Earlier it became known that the UK is considering providing Kyiv with prototypes of laser weapons to shoot down drones and missiles.

On April 10, Ukraine and the UK signed a framework agreement on cooperation in defense equipment.

In addition, the UK announced that it would provide Ukraine with new military aid of 60 million pounds. This amount includes drones and air defense equipment.