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Bus overturned in Türkiye: Nearly 30 injured, fatalities reported

Bus overturned in Türkiye: Nearly 30 injured, fatalities reported In Türkiye, a bus overturned (photo: Getty Images)

An intercity passenger bus overturned on the Mersin-Antalya highway. As a result, 9 people lost their lives, and 30 others sustained injuries, according to TRT Haber and Milliyet.

The bus crashed into barriers at the exit of tunnels and overturned. Emergency medical services, gendarmerie, AFAD, and firefighting teams responded to the scene. The injured were transported to hospitals.

Mersin Governor Ali Hamza Pehlivan also arrived at the scene, received information from officials about the accident, and made the following statement:

"This is indeed an unfortunate incident, and we are all affected. I wish a speedy recovery to the injured. As soon as we received news of the accident, our search and rescue, as well as medical teams and gendarmerie personnel, arrived at the scene. After the accident, they conducted the necessary investigations," Pehlivan said.

Traffic accident involving Ukrainians

On December 31, there was a road accident in Poland involving Ukrainians, resulting in fatalities.

We also mentioned that a minibus with nine Ukrainian citizens was involved in a road accident in Poland, resulting in casualties.

Additionally, in Slovakia, a bus from Ukraine was involved in a road accident. The bus was carrying 53 people, and eight were injured.