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Bulgarian radio cancels broadcast of interview with Russian ambassador

Bulgarian radio cancels broadcast of interview with Russian ambassador Photo: Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Bulgaria Eleonora Mitrofanova (Russian Media)

Bulgarian National Radio (BNR) recorded an interview with the Russian Ambassador Eleonora Mitrofanova. However, after Ukraine's appeals, the interview with the Kremlin representative was not broadcast, according to the Embassy of Ukraine in Bulgaria.

Yesterday, on December 15, the Ukrainian Embassy expressed outrage over the fact that a representative of the Kremlin regime was featured as a guest on the program Politically Incorrect on Bulgarian National Radio.

"The provision by Bulgarian media of the opportunity for expression and propaganda to an official of an aggressor state is a gross violation of professional and moral norms in journalism," diplomats noted.

Ukraine emphasized that the interview could be seen as overt support for the Kremlin regime. The Ukrainian Embassy sent an official appeal to the National Assembly and relevant institutions of Bulgaria.

It is also mentioned that the host, Petar Volgin, invited Ukrainian Ambassador Olesya Ilashchuk to participate in the program, but she did not attend because the program "for years supports the narratives of Russian aggression and hybrid war," and the invitation is an attempt to "disguise the hybrid activities of the host."

Later, Volgin announced on his social media that the interview with the Russian ambassador would not be aired. At the same time, he accused Delyan Peevski, the head of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms faction in the Bulgarian parliament, of alleged involvement in this.

The politician did express outrage about the situation the day before. Sanctions have been imposed against Peevski in the United States and the United Kingdom for corruption and smuggling. However, he holds a pro-Ukrainian position.

Bulgaria's position regarding Ukraine

At the beginning of the war, Bulgaria was one of the countries that did not openly oppose Russia. However, later on, the country did condemn the Kremlin regime despite economic cooperation and friendship with Moscow.

Media reports also indicated that Bulgaria was secretly supplying Soviet equipment to Ukraine. On December 7, the Defense Committee of the Bulgarian Parliament approved providing Ukraine with defective anti-aircraft missiles, as well as assistance in training pilots for F-16 aircraft.

Additionally, the Bulgarian Parliament ratified an agreement to supply Ukraine with armored personnel carriers.