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Bulgaria to start mission with Romania and Turkey on Black Sea demining

Bulgaria to start mission with Romania and Turkey on Black Sea demining Todor Tagarev, Minister of Defense of Bulgaria (photo: Getty Images)

Bulgaria's Defense Minister Todor Tagarev said that the country's agreement with Romania and Turkey to establish a mine countermeasures group in the Black Sea will soon be signed. After that, the mission will begin, according to

According to the head of the Bulgarian defense ministry, the issue of the relevant agreement has been worked on since the end of summer 2023.

"We have reached an agreement on the concept and the text of the agreement itself, on how to settle all the issues, and next week my deputy will be in Istanbul to sign it, and this mission will begin soon," he said in a conversation with journalists in Blagoevgrad.

Tagarev also added that the war unleashed by Russia against Ukraine "leads to risks for our territory, for the safety of navigation."

"And to minimize these risks, the navies of the three countries are also involved in demining, and we hope they will be successful," the Bulgarian Defense Minister said.

Mine clearance in the Black Sea

It should be noted that the problem of demining in Ukraine is becoming increasingly acute, as the Russian invaders continue to shell the territory, contaminating it with mines. In addition, mines also contaminate the seas.

In this regard, Ukraine continues to strengthen its cooperation with NATO member states in the area of mine clearance in the Black Sea.

As reported, Bulgaria, as one of the Black Sea countries, could help Ukraine in de-mining the Black Sea.

Recently, Dmytro Pletenchuk, a spokesperson for the Ukrainian Navy, revealed how long it would take to clear the Black Sea of mines.