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Ukraine with NATO countries to clear the Black Sea of mines - Navy

Ukraine with NATO countries to clear the Black Sea of mines - Navy Ukraine, together with NATO countries, is preparing to clear the Black Sea of mines (Photo:

Ukraine continues to strengthen cooperation with NATO member countries in demining the Black Sea waters, according to the Ukrainian Navy.

The international cooperation in demining Ukrainian waters is steadily increasing.

Last year, the Tactical Mine Action Group's headquarters conducted a course on planning demining operations, which helped prepare personnel for coordinated collaboration.

The Ukrainian Navy emphasized that all of this was done by NATO standards, which the Ukrainian Armed Forces aim to master fully. They highlighted that these shared principles would be the key to the successful execution of joint tasks and would guarantee Ukraine's future security from Russia.

"In addition to the theoretical part, it was important for military personnel to learn English at a level sufficient for understanding technical documentation and for effective communication with international partners. In 2023, our sailors had the opportunity to demonstrate their acquired knowledge in practice," the statement said.

Together with the Standing NATO Mine Countermeasures Group, a training operation on demining a hypothetical crisis area off the northeast coast of Scotland was planned. The headquarters managed the demining forces during the execution of tasks.

Currently, Ukrainian sailors continue training abroad and actively prepare for when the threat from the Russian occupation fleet will be neutralized and Ukrainian waters can be demined.

"Until then, it is crucial to achieve full interoperability with our Western partners following NATO standards," the Ukrainian Navy noted.

Ukraine's demining issue

Ukraine's demining problem is becoming increasingly acute as Russia continues to shell territories, contaminating them with mines. Additionally, minefields pose significant challenges during counteroffensives. Mines also contaminate sea waters.

Lithuania is forming a coalition to assist Ukraine in demining efforts in this context.

Furthermore, Bulgaria, as one of the Black Sea countries, may assist Ukraine in demining the Black Sea waters.

In addition, a conference on Ukraine's demining will be held in Croatia in October.