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Bulgaria approves financial aid to Ukraine: Funds allocation

Bulgaria approves financial aid to Ukraine: Funds allocation Illustrative photo (
Author: Daryna Vialko

The National Assembly of Bulgaria has approved financial aid to Ukraine in the amount of 60 thousand euros, according to BNR.

The funds will be used to participate in the 4-year program of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). The total cost of activities and events included in the program is 16.5 million euros.

The Bulgarian opposition objected to providing aid to Ukraine saying that it would harm compatriots in the western suburbs.

Deputy Pavlo Mitova of the There is Such a People party says that the funds for projects in Ukraine are not collected because of military actions that are currently taking place in the country. That is why these 60 thousand euros were taken from Bosilegrad and other Bulgarian communities and donated to Ukraine so that the Bulgarian state could meet one criterion to become a member of the OECD.

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) is an intergovernmental economic organization, consisting of 35 member countries, founded in 1961 to stimulate economic progress and world trade.

Bulgaria's assistance to Ukraine

From the first days of Russia's full-scale invasion, Bulgaria has been providing various forms of assistance to Ukraine. Earlier, behind closed doors, the Bulgarian parliament voted to supply Ukraine with non-operational S-300 missiles.

In July of last year, it became known that Bulgaria could provide Ukraine with about 100 armored vehicles from the Ministry of Internal Affairs warehouses.

In December, Bulgarian President Rumen Radev vetoed the free provision of armored vehicles to Ukraine.

However, later, the National Assembly of Bulgaria (Parliament) overcame President Rumen Radev's veto on the supply of armored vehicles to Ukraine.

On February 28, Bulgaria announced new military aid to Ukraine, which included armored personnel carriers.

In March, Bulgaria sent Ukraine the first 30 wagons with armored personnel carriers.

The total Bulgarian assistance to Ukraine has already reached 47 million euros.