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British support for Ukraine remains unwavering, no debate on matter: MFA affirms

British support for Ukraine remains unwavering, no debate on matter: MFA affirms British Foreign Secretary David Cameron (Photo: Getty Images)
Author: Daria Shekina

Great Britain will continue to support Ukraine, which is not a matter of contention as in the US and other countries, says British Foreign Secretary David Cameron.

Support for Ukraine from Britain

Being asked about how confident he is in Britain's ability to support Ukraine even if a potential new US president stops doing so or if other countries are hesitant to take on such commitments, he replies that Britain will absolutely continue to support Ukraine, adding that this isn't a point of contention in British politics as it is in the US and other countries.

Possibility of supporting Ukraine without US assistance

He mentions discussions with the UK Prime Minister regarding mobilizing armament production for Ukraine, emphasizing the need for further action in that direction.

When asked if the UK and European allies can continue supporting Ukraine without US support, the British Foreign Secretary mentions the need for "Americans to come forward with this package."

"I'm pretty confident that they will because ultimately, there is a majority in Congress for it," Cameron adds.

Israel's war diverting attention from aid to Ukraine

Conservative Party MP Bob Seely has asked if the war between Israel and Hamas distracts from international support for Ukraine.

Cameron notes that it diverts attention from Ukraine and stresses the need to keep this issue as high on the agenda as possible, ensuring that the partnership and coalition of countries supporting Ukraine remain as strong, united, and focused as possible.

Britain's aid to Ukraine

Britain has provided significant military assistance to Ukraine since the onset of Russia's full-scale invasion. As part of this aid, Ukrainian forces received tanks Challenger 2, long-range missiles Storm Shadow, MLRS M270, and other armaments.

Moreover, Britain has been allocating annual military aid to Ukraine worth £2.3 billion since Russia began its full-scale invasion, and it's expected to match that amount in 2024.

Yesterday, the UK Ministry of Defence announced that the country had conducted training for 33,000 Ukrainian Armed Forces personnel since 2022.