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British MoD's head comments on Putin's humiliation in pursuit of arms from North Korea

British MoD's head comments on Putin's humiliation in pursuit of arms from North Korea UK Defense Minister Grant Shapps (Photo: Getty Images)
Author: Daria Shekina

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin is forced to request ammunition and weapons from North Korea to continue the large-scale military aggression against Ukraine. This humiliation for the Kremlin leader has arisen partly due to the impact of international sanctions, states UK Defense Minister Grant Shapps.

The British Defense Minister has responded to reports of Russia using ballistic missiles from North Korea to strike Ukrainian cities. Moscow allegedly received such armaments from Pyongyang and is employing them in its warfare.

The world has turned its back on Russia, forcing Putin into the humiliation of going cap in hand to North Korea to keep his illegal invasion going," the minister wrote.

Shapps also notes that Russia violated numerous United Nations Security Council resolutions and "put the security of another world region at risk."

"This must stop now. Together with our partners we’ll make sure North Korea pays a high price for supporting Russia," he emphasized.


Yesterday evening, the White House National Security Council Coordinator, John Kirby, reported that Russia had procured ballistic missiles from North Korea and already used them to strike Ukraine.

Additionally, on January 4, The Wall Street Journal reported that North Korea might have transferred several dozen ballistic missiles to Russia for use against Ukraine.

On January 5, Britain condemned the Russian army's use of ballistic weaponry obtained from North Korea in recent strikes against Ukrainian territory.

However, it's worth noting that as of now, the Ukrainian Air Force cannot confirm the information regarding the use of ballistic missiles from North Korea by Russia.

Furthermore, on January 10, the United States is calling for a UN Security Council meeting to discuss North Korea's supply of ballistic missiles to Russia.