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British intelligence outlines reasons for slowing Russian advance in Ukraine

British intelligence outlines reasons for slowing Russian advance in Ukraine Photo: British intelligence explained the reasons for the decline in the pace of the Russian offensive (Russian media)

The Russian offensive actions on the front in Ukraine have somewhat decreased. This could be due to losses suffered by the Russian army and the so-called elections of Vladimir Putin, according to the Ministry of Defense of Britain on X.

As intelligence reports, the average daily number of Russian casualties (killed and wounded) in Ukraine during March 2024 decreased by 74 individuals per day, down to 913.

"The decrease in losses corresponds with fewer reported attacks over the past month. The reduction in Russian offensive operations highly likely reflects a series of factors: a period of rest and refit following the capture of Avdiivka and intent to reduce death notifications during the Russian elections," the summary states.

At the outset of the invasion, Russian forces were losing an average of 658 individuals per day. In 2023, this figure rose to 693, and in the first quarter of 2024, it reached 913.

The increase in these figures indicates Russia's ongoing dependence on manpower to sustain the war against Ukraine.

Losses of Russian forces

The Russian Ministry of Defense conceals the losses of occupation forces in Ukraine. Meanwhile, the Putin regime consistently lies about losses incurred by Ukrainian forces.

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reports that Russia has lost over 447,000 soldiers in the war. Just in the last day, our soldiers eliminated 820 Russians.

British intelligence reported that Russia is recruiting approximately 30,000 new soldiers into its army each month. This allows it to continue its aggressive war against Ukraine.

However, Russian opposition media outlets have claimed that with the start of Russia's offensive on the front, losses of occupation forces have significantly increased.