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Britain urges Germany to provide Taurus missiles for strikes on Crimea

Britain urges Germany to provide Taurus missiles for strikes on Crimea Photo: UK Defense Secretary Grant Shapps (Getty Images)

Britain is urging Germany to provide Ukraine with long-range missiles and allow strikes on the territory of Crimea, according to UK Secretary of State for Defense, Grant Shapps, in an interview with Sky News.

He noted that Britain was the first to allow Ukraine to use the provided weapons for strikes on Crimea. According to him, other countries followed Britain's example.

Shapps explained his country's decision by stating that Crimea is Ukrainian territory occupied by Russians. Therefore, he called on partners to do the same, including Germany, which could provide long-range Taurus missiles.

"What I'd like to see is all of our partners, including Germany, who do have the facility to provide those longer-range weapons but don't allow them to be used in Crimea – which is part of Ukraine – I think those are the things which would need to happen first," he said.

Taurus for Ukraine

In Germany, discussions about transferring long-range Taurus missiles to Ukraine have been ongoing for months. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz refuses to provide missiles to Ukraine. According to media reports, the German government fears that Ukraine could use the missiles to strike Russian territory.

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