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Britain upgrades drones for Ukraine to counter risk of Russian jamming, Reuters

Britain upgrades drones for Ukraine to counter risk of Russian jamming, Reuters Britain is modernizing drones for Ukraine (Photo: evolve_dynamics)
Author: Daria Shekina

Engineers from Evolve Dynamics are working on technology that could help Ukrainian reconnaissance drones stay in the sky longer even if Russia tries to jam them electronically, according to Reuters.

The material states that this is an important part of international efforts by Ukraine's allies to support its drone program.

It is intended to give Ukraine an advantage over Russia, which has far more resources at its disposal.

"Companies in dozens of countries have supplied drones and drone parts to Ukraine. Some, like Evolve Dynamics, are also focusing on technological advances designed to counter Russia's powerful electronic warfare (EW) capabilities," the material writes.

Constant drone upgrades

By developing alternative radio communication algorithms, the company aims to complicate Russia's ability to jam signals from its reconnaissance drones.

Both sides have intensified the deployment of EW systems, which can disrupt the frequencies transmitting commands from the operator to the drones, causing them to crash or miss their targets.

"It's a constant ping-pong game between adversaries," said Mike Dewhirst, chief executive of Evolve Dynamics.

According to him, 85 updates have been made to the Sky Mantis drones in the past two and a half years.

The company has already sent its developments to Ukraine

Evolve Dynamics currently has about 100 Sky Mantis reconnaissance drones flying in Ukraine, making it one of the top five to ten major British drone suppliers to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Dewhirst travels to Ukraine every month. Last month, a military unit from Ukraine asked Evolve Dynamics to make changes to its technology to make it safer for the operator.

Drone supply to Ukraine

Recently, the Netherlands announced a new package of military aid to Ukraine worth 350 million euros. Among other things, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will receive new drones.

Also, Britain will provide Ukraine with a new package of military aid worth £60 million (over $75 million), including drones and air defense.

And yesterday it became known that the French company Delair will supply Ukraine with 400 reconnaissance drones. The contract for their production has already been concluded.