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Breaking through Russian border: Details on Belgorod and Kursk regions' developments

Breaking through Russian border: Details on Belgorod and Kursk regions' developments Fighting in Russia's Belgorod and Kursk regions (Photo:

The Freedom of Russia Legion, the Russian Volunteer Corps, and the Siberian Battalion breached the Russian border today, March 12. They entered the Belgorod region, while gunfire was also heard in the Kursk region, indicating a likely battle.

RBC-Ukraine reports on what is happening in the Belgorod and Kursk regions in the material below.

Materials used in preparing the article include the Telegram channel of the Freedom of Russia Legion, RBC-Ukraine sources, the Baza Telegram channel, the Siberian Battalion Telegram channel, and other data from open sources.

Belgorod region

Several Russian Telegram channels citing so-called "war correspondents" report that several armed groups allegedly "attempted to break through on pickups with the support of mortar and artillery fire" into the Belgorod region.

Additionally, according to public information, several tanks were spotted approaching the Russian border, engaging in fire support during the attempted assault.

Currently, fighting is ongoing in border areas of the Belgorod region. According to sources within RBC-Ukraine's special services, Russian volunteers have entered the territory of the Belgorod region. The direction is reportedly towards the village of Grayvoron.

Breaking through Russian border: Details on Belgorod and Kursk regions' developmentsRussian propaganda claims that Russian volunteer units control the border at Lozova Rudka in the Belgorod region.

In addition to the fighting at the border, the local administration building in Belgorod was hit.

Kursk region

Residents of the Kursk region also report gunfire in the area of the settlement of Tetkino.

Breaking through Russian border: Details on Belgorod and Kursk regions' developmentsMeanwhile, videos with the sounds of automatic gunfire are circulating on social media, allegedly filmed near the city. Supposedly, there is a firefight, with two people reportedly wounded, including one civilian.

Additionally, the Freedom of Russia Legion has posted a video of the destruction of an armored personnel carrier in the territory of Russia. As later clarified by the fighters, this occurred in the village of Tyotkino.

Later, the Governor of the Kursk region, Roman Starovoit, issued an official statement. He stated that currently, from the Ukrainian side, there is "shelling of the settlement of Tyotkino in Glushkovsky district."

"Unfortunately, there is a casualty. A citizen sustained minor injuries, and necessary assistance has been provided to him," Starovoit said.

He also reminded me that this night was restless for Russians. Allegedly, 11 drones were "downed" only over the Kursk region, but the region still faces missile danger. More about the massive drone raids on the Russian Federation - in RBC-Ukraine article.

Meanwhile, the Russian Volunteer Corps fighters have published a new video from the Ukrainian-Russian border.

"Well, friends, the Russian Volunteer Corps is once again at the forefront of the attack. The Kremlin regime's army is abandoning weapons without even starting the fight. If you were waiting to join us, now is the time. Stay tuned for details," the video description reads.

Media identify the location of the APC destruction in Kursk region

Radio Liberty has geolocated a video of the Freedom of Russia Legion attacking a Russian armored personnel carrier (APC). As it turned out, the armored vehicle was located in the center of Tetkino in the Kursk region on Lenin Street between houses 162 and 164 (exact coordinates).

Breaking through Russian border: Details on Belgorod and Kursk regions' developments

Photo: APC destruction site in Kursk region (Radio Liberty)

The Kursk region authorities have banned the dissemination of photos and videos on the Internet and in the media concerning:

  • deployment and redeployment of the Russian Armed Forces;
  • military infrastructure;
  • critical facilities;
  • the place of shelling or shell hit, the use of weapons or air defense systems and drones, "if the said data allows to identify the type, location, launch or flight path".

"Everyone who is on the territory of the Kursk region is obliged to do so," the regional authorities said.

Is Tetkino under the control of Russian volunteers?

Soldiers of the Freedom of Russia Legion reported that they had taken control of the village of Tetkino. According to them, Putin's army is rapidly leaving the village, abandoning its positions and abandoning heavy equipment.

But later, Suspilne TV channel, citing information from the Legion soldiers, wrote that the fighting for the settlement was still ongoing.

Other regions

Meanwhile, "preventive measures" were announced in Bryansk

The governor of the Bryansk region of the Russian Federation, Alexander Bogomaz, said that "preventive measures are being taken in Bryansk to prevent terrorist acts." He did not provide any details.

However, local public media reported that several streets in the city were blocked.

The Russian Defense Ministry has come up with its own "version of events" in the border area with Ukraine

According to Shoigu, the so-called "attempted invasion of Ukraine" in the Belgorod region was simultaneously carried out in three directions, and allegedly, "aviation, missile forces, and artillery" were working on them.

Traditionally, the Russians claimed that "all attacks were repelled" and that "no border violations were allowed." That is, except for the sabotage and reconnaissance group, which, according to the Russian Defense Ministry, tried to break through to the border area near Tetkino, Kursk region. But they, according to Shoigu's report, were "repelled".

Border breach

Today, fighters from the Freedom of Russia Legion, the Russian Volunteer Corps, and the Siberian Battalion breached the Russian border from the Ukrainian side. As shown in the video, they used heavy equipment, including tanks.

Meanwhile, citizens are in a state of panic. Intercepted conversations of Russians obtained by RBC-Ukraine from sources in the special services include remarks like: "Mom, don't rush there because the Khokhols (a derogatory term for Ukrainians) have broken through."

Russian volunteers are actively publishing statements. They have declared that they are "going to the elections" and "will do everything to make Putin move from Novo-Ogaryovo to the Polar Wolf."

In turn, a representative of the Main Intelligence Directorate, Andrii Yusov, stated in a comment to RBC-Ukraine that the fighters are acting as independent units on the territory of Russia, and presumably, there is currently a joint operation underway.